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Next2Call is providing state-of-the-art technology dialer support to business dealing with call centres operations to help them in improving their agents’ efficiency and productivity and ultimately increase their sales and profits Dialer support is the right choice for every enterprise that needs improvement in lead conversions on calls to make their outbound calls efficient, effective and productive. We will provide you with an advanced and scalable solution to meet your end-to-end calling operations and upscale your reach to mass customers Next2Call brings you Vicidial hosting that is capable of integrating with your organization’s system and start working at the earliest bringing a significant result in your business productivity due to its customer-centric features . Vicidial is open-source software that is used worldwide to manage call centre operations seamlessly and efficiently. It can handle various call-centres operations like management of blended outbound and inbound calls, predictive list dialling, manual list dialling. It can also help in managing incoming emails and webchats session from the customers that too on a single screen making it easy and simple for call agent. This cloud-based solution gives you many reporting options at no additional cost to let you manage your contact centre more efficiently


  •  Let you handle inbound and outbound calls as well as emails and webchats under one dashboard on a single screen
  • Can be integrated with web phones
  • Let you configure software code according to business profits
  • Can be customized to meet specific business requirements
  • Record and monitor calls to gain business insights
  • Provide ACD feature to make sure that the call gets connected to the right customer at the right time
  • Handle multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Get real-time updates and reports about running campaigns


  • Enhanced Productivity: Handles inbound and outbound calls as well as emails and website chats on a single interface
  • Access from Anywhere: Can be accessed from remote locations using an internet connection
  • Supports Third-Party: Can be integrated with third-party software
  • Scalability: Scalable according to your business requirement
  • Easy to Use Interface: Simple Interface for all types of engagements enhancing agents as well as consumer experience
  • Regular Updates: Free upgrades with new features regularly
  • Efficient Management: Manage campaigns and calling queue efficiently eliminating redundant time-period
  • Wide-Reach: Reach to a larger consumer base with a multi-lingual option

Why Choose Us ?

We offer other services too when it comes to Collaboration like

  • Contact Centre Complete Suite: We provide you Vicidial supported complete contact centre suite to start your own call centre
  • Quick Set-Up: Set up your own contact centre in less than 4 hours
  • Round the Clock Assistance: Technical Support at your service at all hours
  • ACD and PBX installation: Free installation of ACD and PBX at your inbound Call Centres
  • Affordable Pricing: Being an Open-Source software that can work on cloud-based technology makes it affordable for all types of industries.

Requirement for setting up a dialer application.

1. Hardware (a computer system well connected to the internet)

2. PRI card (if you wish to use PRI as your trunk)

You may call us at our support line +91-9650866007 for a quick analysis of the hardware requirement for your call centre. If you are already a functional call centre and facing issues If you are a call centre already functional and are facing IT issues in handling call volumes and other little issues popping up every now and then. You may get in touch with us at our line at +91-9650866007 and have our team look into it and further analyze and suggest the best working models for your call centre and the best part is, it all comes at no cost.