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The functionality of Next 2 Call solution

1. Call center automation

– Telephone projects and campaigns management tools

– Creating and handling call scripts for the call center agents

– Fully automatic outbound dialing with the predictive mode

– Knowledge base for the call center agents providing them with comprehensive information

– Advanced features for interaction with third- party applications, located on the customer side: billing systems, CRM- systems, databases etc.

2. Smart call handling

– Smart call switching featuring the ACD functionality (based on the VoIP / SIP technology)

– Managing call queues based on the typical call distribution algorithms, information about the availability of the agent and their skills (skill based routing)

– DTMF and voice enabled IVR

– Call recording and storage

– Reporting on the work of the call center telephone components

3. Control of the call center campaigns

– Launch of new campaigns within 20 minutes without programmers

– Ability to conduct multiple campaigns for clients from different business areas simultaneously

– Real time management of calls queues, agents, resources and campaigns

– Customers’ members area with the ability to control and manage campaigns

– Real time call center reporting of all activities, statistics, and analytical data (OLAP reports)

4. Reliability and performance increase

– Quick and fast increase of the call center’s performance by adding new servers

– High fault tolerance of the call center with more than 1,000 agents, serving tens of thousands of calls per day

– The ability to lease licenses for the quick, temporary increase of the number of agents