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  What is Cloud Telephony ?

With cloud telephony you will be able to manage your telephony infrastructure over a cloud environment, for quicker and anywhere access. You will have access to varied advanced solutions such as virtual numbers, IVR, click-to call, missed call service, outbound calling, etc. The entire solution is based on a Capex model and can be deployed in 24 hours of order confirmation.
Using cloud telephony system, your complete business phone system gets migrated to cloud communication. Your cloud based PBX system is hosted in data center and not in your office. All your incoming calls will be routed via cloud server, and can be transferred to multiple agent numbers. Unlike the traditional PBX system, cloud telephony comes with amazing features like IVR services, call recording, etc.

  How cloud Telephony works

You get a phone number [GSM/Toll free] for incoming calls, these are usually virtual numbers that you publish at your business website, brochures, marketing campaigns etc.
When customer calls on this virtual number, the call gets forwarded to your agents /office numbers via PRI lines, since cloud telephony comes with advanced features like IVR, Call recording, call transfer etc. you can also integrate cloud telephony system with your existing crm to distribute calls. To enable integration with your CRMs, customizable apis are made available.
Customer listens to the IVR [WELCOME MESSAGE] and chooses the extension to talk with, accordingly call is forwarded to those dedicated department that can be your office landline or your agents mobile number. Call gets recorded and you get sms and e-mail notification after the call.

  How cloud Telephony works for outgoing calls

Although lot of businesses don’t prefer to use cloud telephony for outgoing calls because it becomes costlier than regular outgoing calling system via own PRI or gsm gateways. Well, outgoing calls are made via dialer or an integrated sales CRM.

  • ● 1-Agents call customer by just clicking on a dial icon on your crm.
  • ● 2-The crm sends an API request to cloud server, server will first call the agent and when the agent is connected

  • it calls the customer, when customer answers, the call is bridged. andline or your agents mobile number. Call gets recorded and you get sms and e-mail notification after the call.

      Back to IVRS system

    The most common and primary use to automate inbound and outbound call, the automated voice response often present a caller with a menu of choosing option to talk into dedicated department. You can setup your customized IVR greeting as per your business and business nature.

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    Features of Cloud Telephony

      1) Anonymous call rejection

    Ward of pesky callers, auto calls and other marketing calls with Advanced dataset integration with your telephony infrastructure. Caller IDs can be immediately be marked as Spam/Block disposition and the calls won’t pass through the line again.

      2) Tool Bar to manage your calls flows.

    Manage your incoming and outgoing calls to forward to agents desktop or mobile/landline phones and voice mail, and easily make click to dial calls through your selected web browser. This also helps to mange your off hours, break timings, meeting or training schedules with calls forwarded to other numbers or IVRs. Quick IVR customization.

      3) Call return

    Make return calls with a click of button on previously answered or missed calls..

      4) Call Analytics

    Get access to various reports with insights into Agent performance, campaign performance with different dashboard presentations. Download CDR reports in spread sheet format for further analysis or upload to your favorite data analytic tools.

      5) Client Call Control

    Easily manage your telephony infrastructure on the go with easily accessible web interface on your mobile instruments.

      6) Conference calls

    This feature allows you to include or transfer more individuals using the transfer conference feature available on the soft phones.

      Advantages of Cloud Telephony System

      1) Cost Friendly

    Enables you to deploy your telephony infrastructure without incurring huge capital expenditure. You only pay for what you use.

      2) 24/7 access from everywhere

    The best part of cloud base service is that you can access anywhere, anytime according to your convenience and all you need is a working internet connection and P.C and you are all set to go. You don’t need to be there in office for attend calls anymore. Play after hours message when you are not available.

      3) Scalability

    The best thing in cloud telephony is that your business may receive thousands of calls and manage it at the same time without interruption and helps you connect with more leads. Now you can manage your volume as per requirement and ensure well functioning of your business and never miss a call.

      4) Dedicated Servers

    Ensure high levels for security by opting for Dedicated servers for your telephony requirement and access to servers with secured VPN access.

      5) Move contact centre to cloud application

    Never again worry about sip lines/pri/ power/server and any other nitty gritty of server rooms.

      6) Make agent work from home with laptop / mobile smart phones

  • ● All they need is a internet connected laptop or mobile phone
  • ● A phone number to attend incoming calls
  • ● Centrally number/lead/case allocation is done
  • ● Agent pulls data based on requirement and when finished or more is required, more numbers are pulled from the queue
  • ● Customizable Dispositions
  •   7) Calls are completely kept on mobile pstn network, to have       great voice clarity

    Enjoy great call quality when all the calls are kept on PSTN There is no internet between you and your customer calls No anxiety of uncertainty of call quality when voice is on internet

      8) All calls are generated from the cloud contact centre and       agents receive incoming calls which enables centralized billing

    With click to call function, agents receive incoming calls on their phones, once received by agent, call is initiated to customer Thus both receive incoming calls.
    Centrally monitored facility to monitor live calls, by admin/IT reps Calls can only be generated to customers, thus rules out misuse.
    Additional number dialing facility can be created to dial alternate customer numbers

      9) Do not expose agents personal/corporate numbers to customers

    100% number masking, that agents personal/corporate numbers are not exposed to customers Works vice-versa, where organization do not want customer phone numbers to be exposed to agents.
    Call is connected to customer without agent getting access to customer phone numbers.
    Most app based solution expose agents phone numbers to customers, which again causes, unwanted incoming calls, continuous incoming calls, after office hours incoming calls and other nuisances like chat, sms created by customers.

      10) Hosted IVR

    Hosted IVR, call routing based on day and time. IVR on cloud, after office hour messages, sms & e-mail alerts. Quick IVR customization.

      11) Mobile Alerts, Email notification.

    Receive real time notification of missed calls, after hours calls via SMS & Email

      12) Toll Free numbers

    Get that professional look with an 800 toll free number. Flexibility to add IVR based routing, missed call and host of other features. Flexibility to opt for global numbers

      13) Click to call feature to your existing CRM.

    Integrate click to call feature to your existing CRM Calls can be directed to your contact centre/individual rep phone numbers

      14) One click SMS capability for reminder SMS.

    Pre-custom sms and e-mail contents to send reminder sms, with variables

      15) IVR

    Outbound voice message / IVR delivery Deliver pre-defined customizable voice messages to your customers Run outbound voice campaigns

      16) Call recordings

    100% call recording available on cloud and not dependent on agent instruments. 100% voice recording on cloud, available for considerable amount of time. Not dependent on capacity or capability of your WFH agent instrument / devices.

      17) E-mail integration

    WFH agents can manage all internal and external communication with e-mails.

      18) Chat integration

    WFH agents can manage all internal and external chat at once place Offering 360° communication channel for a rich customer experience

      19) Ticketing solution.

    Received a complaint from customer, lock ticket instantly. Lock tickets on IVR, e-mail or by calling customer care numbers. Ticket escalation on various trigger, like missed TAT, manual escalation, etc. Ticket escalation based on TAT and other specified triggers.

      20) Custom CRM solution.

    Get your custom CRM solution, most suited to your business workflow

      21) Audio Conferencing

    Get your custom CRM solution, most suited to your business workflow Get audio conference numbers globally for audio conferencing between participants Based out of geographically distributed locations. Unlimited Video conference .
    Option to join conference through VoIP calls or dial in numbers Create audio conference rooms

      22) missed call or call register campaigns with SMS or IVR relay         for confirmation

    High volume call centers can opt for call back on dropped or missed calls during off-peak hours. Thus leaving no customer untouched with enhanced levels of customer experience.

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      Our Methadology
    • Trained professionals to manage your IT.
    • 24x7 monitoring and management.
    • Guaranteed response time.
    • Remote/Onsite Support.
    • Expert on call.
    • Automating routine tasks (thus lowering cost and errors).
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