Next2Call Services: Facilitating Seamless Customer Interactions at Call Centres

1. Next2Call's Call Centre Suite revolutionises customer interactions. It provides a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution that optimises communication processes. With a focus on enhancing customer experiences, the suite offers multi-channel communication facilities, enabling engagement via voice calls, emails, live chats, and social media platforms. It also includes integration of other latest and useful tools. Furthermore, intelligent routing algorithms ensure efficient call distribution, minimising wait times and maximising issue resolution.

Predictive analytics empowers businesses, especially call centres, to anticipate customer needs and preferences, enabling proactive problem-solving. Real-time monitoring and reporting tools offer insights into call centre performance, aiding operational decision-making. The suite seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, enhancing agent interactions with personalised customer data. Next2Call's product lineup includes advanced features such as call routing, interactive voice response (IVR), live chat integration, and virtual call centre solutions. The company's commitment to excellence extends beyond software, with comprehensive implementation, training, and round-the-clock support.

3. A universal workplace for an agent and a supervisor. The agent controls service processes and call forwarding, creating conference calls, loading the appropriate servicing script using a single window. The agent can also use the data stored in the knowledge base and in the CRM application.

    • ● Server Support
    • ● Database Support
    • ● Infrastructure Application
    • ● Network Support
    • ● Platform Support
    • ● Firewall Support
    • ● Perimeter Security Support
    • ● On-Site Support
    • ● IT Consulting
    • ● Transition Support
    • ● System design
    • ● Architecture planning


    Our Methadology
  • ● Trained professionals to manage your IT.
  • ● 24x7 monitoring and management.
  • ● Guaranteed response time.
  • ● Remote/Onsite Support.
  • ● Expert on call.
  • ● Automating routine tasks (thus lowering cost and errors).
  • ● After office hours support.
    Network Operation Centers
  • ● 50 Seats NOC/SOC.
  • ● 24x7 ITIL Operations.
  • ● Network Management System.
  • ● Certified Security Engineers.
  • ● Support Desk.
  • ● Physical/Biometric parameter Security.
  • ● Business Continuity Planning in place.
  • ● Disaster Recovery in place.
    Infrastructure Support
  • ● Server Support.
  • ● Database Support.
  • ● Infrastructure Application Support.
  • ● Network Support.
  • ● Platform Support.
  • ● Firewall Support.
  • ● Perimeter Security Support.
  • ● On-Site Support.
  • ● IT Consulting.
  • ● Transition Support.
  • ● System design and Architecture planning.
  • Other Services
    Infrastructure Base-lining.
  • ● Desktop Support.
  • ● Remote Server Management (wintel).
  • ● Remote Network Management.
  • ● Remote Security Management.
  • ● Onsite Support.
  • ● Remote Monitoring.

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Our Call Centre Suite: Key Features

1. Latest Technology in Use

Our call centre suite doesn’t use any old ways of doing things. Instead, it utilises cutting-edge technologies to facilitate seamless interactions at call centres. Our services include everything you might need i.e., IP PBX, Robust Hosting, Voice Logger, Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialer, Industry Specific Applications, etc. And everything is imbued with the latest features. For more information in this direction, connect with us.

2. Multi-Channel Communication

Embrace the diversity of customer preferences with our Multi-Channel Communication feature. Whether it's voice calls, emails, live chats, or interactions on other platforms, our suite enables your business to engage with customers on their terms. Seamlessly transition between channels, maintaining consistent communication quality and creating a unified customer experience.

3. Intelligent Routing Algorithms

Say goodbye to frustrating call transfers and hello to efficient service delivery. Our Intelligent Routing Algorithms ensure that customer inquiries are directed to the most suitable agents based on skills, availability, and historical data as fast as possible. This means reduced wait times, quicker issue resolution, and happier customers.

4. Predictive Analytics

Gone are the days of reactive customer service. Anticipate customer requirements in advance. Our suite employs cutting-edge Predictive Analytics to help you anticipate customer needs and preferences. By analysing historical data, you get insights that empower agents to proactively address issues and offer personalised solutions, fostering stronger customer relationships.

5. Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

In the dynamic world of customer interactions, staying informed is crucial. Our Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting tools provide you with instant insights into call centre performance, agent activity, and customer interactions. Armed with comprehensive data, you can make informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency and refine your strategies for the growth of your call centre.

6. Integrated CRM

Elevate your service quality with the CRM integration feature. Our suite seamlessly integrates with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, ensuring that your agents have access to pertinent customer data during interactions. This empowers them to provide each client with a personalised experience and resolve their issues more efficiently. And it ultimately contributes to overall customer satisfaction.

These are some of the major features of the service we provide at Next2Call. However, our suite holds more than this. Thus, connect and schedule your session with us so that you can get a detailed walk-through of our product lineup as per your specific requirements.