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Features of Next 2 Call Product

In terms of functionality Next 2 Call Contact Center solution has the following features:

1. Advanced IP call center which features call queues, automatic call distribution (ACD), intelligent routing, interactive voice response (IVR), call recording, automatic dialing and reporting on the operation of the call center telephone components.
2. Project Management System is an ideal tool for campaign control from creating call scripts to composing reports of any complexity. Outsourcing Project Management System evaluates call center efficiency.
3. A universal workplace for an agent and a supervisor. The agent controls service processes and call forwarding, creating conference calls, loading the appropriate servicing script using a single window. The agent can also use the data stored in the knowledge base and in the CRM application.

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Next 2 Call Contact Center solution combines

1. Functionality of advanced IP call center

- Call center features VoIP technology

- Intelligent Сall Routing (ACD), based on campaigns' information, agents skills and queue policy

- Outbound dialing (Predictive, Progressive, Preview)

- Support of all queue scheduling policy (most idle, most busy agents etc.)

- DTMF and voice enabled IVR (TTS, ASR)

- Call recording and storage

- Web- based management interface

- Alerting and fault notification

2. Campaign management and optimization tools

- Web based IVR and agents' call scripting builder

- Knowledge Base for the agents providing them with comprehensive information

- Integration with external customer's systems, such as CRM, Helpdesk, etc.

- Real- time and historical call center reporting of all activities, statistics, and analytical data (OLAP reports)

3. A universal workplace for an agent and a supervisor

- Management of calls and conferences by using intuitive and convenient graphical tool

- Powerful build in agents' scripting

- Personal agent statistics

- Ability to use information from CRM, Knowledge Base and other information system

- Unified phone book for all the call center agents

- Voice mail support

The functionality of Next 2 Call solution

1. Call center automation

- Telephone projects and campaigns management tools

- Creating and handling call scripts for the call center agents

- Fully automatic outbound dialing with the predictive mode

- Knowledge base for the call center agents providing them with comprehensive information

- Advanced features for interaction with third- party applications, located on the customer side: billing systems, CRM- systems, databases etc.

2. Smart call handling

- Smart call switching featuring the ACD functionality (based on the VoIP / SIP technology)

- Managing call queues based on the typical call distribution algorithms, information about the availability of the agent and their skills (skill based routing)

- DTMF and voice enabled IVR

- Call recording and storage

- Reporting on the work of the call center telephone components

3. Control of the call center campaigns

- Launch of new campaigns within 20 minutes without programmers

- Ability to conduct multiple campaigns for clients from different business areas simultaneously

- Real time management of calls queues, agents, resources and campaigns

- Customers' members area with the ability to control and manage campaigns

- Real time call center reporting of all activities, statistics, and analytical data (OLAP reports)

4. Reliability and performance increase

- Quick and fast increase of the call center's performance by adding new servers

- High fault tolerance of the call center with more than 1,000 agents, serving tens of thousands of calls per day

- The ability to lease licenses for the quick, temporary increase of the number of agents

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  • ● IT Consulting.
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  • ● System design and Architecture planning.
  • Other Services
    Infrastructure Base-lining.
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