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NEXT2CALL is a leading developer of software solutions for call centres. We are delighted to offer our partners and customers from the Asia Pacific region a complete solution, designed for the automation of call centres. For over 10 years, Next2Call has been developing latest-technology backed solutions for many small and medium enterprises to help them in making their business operations more effective and customer-centric. We also provide consulting services to our partners in the implementation and technical support for our product. Together with our partners, we have successfully implemented a large number of projects. Next 2 Call is one of the top-rated developers of complete software solutions for the automation of in-house and outsourced call centres. Next2Call has come a long way since its foundation in 2007 providing developed and implemented Contact Center solutions in more than 2000 call centres in India and Central Asia in cooperation with its partners. Today, the total volume of workplaces in these call centres is more than 10 thousand, every month they serve millions of customers worldwide.