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IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and it is a technology allowing customers calling a call center for interactions with a pre-programmed system that has pre-recorded messages in it.

This technology can be used for things like internet banking, mobile purchases, services, retail orders, travel information and even things like weather condition information.

It is a simple cloud telephony feature that interacts with the callers, gathers information, routes them to the right agent and offers flexible solutions for diverse customer queries. For example, by pressing ‘1’ on your keypad, you will receive a given service.

 IVRs are a great tool for business communication as they cut down a lot of resources that would otherwise be exhausted in attending customer calls. Also, they fasten the communication process by directing customer calls to the right agents.

Nothing is more impressive than delivering a personalized welcome message to clients using a powerful voice. Professional voice recordings are a great way to build your brand. The caller will only pay attention to the most impressive and interesting voice.

IVR system saves time and money on your part, by trimming down the hold time and requiring less physical employees. It means that the advanced IVR system can provide better customer experience and satisfaction.