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CRM can automate customer interaction and communication, allow companies to track and analyze customer data, and provide companies with a dashboard that shows how customers are using their products and services. CRM can also help companies manage customer complaints and interactions. There are many benefits to using CRM, including increased customer loyalty and better customer retention.

 Essential Features of CRM:

Salesforce Automation:

Automate regular sales, marketing, and service tasks that take up precious working hours, allowing you more time to spend on your clients.

Lead Management:

Capture leads, automate lead scoring, classify leads that convert, and offer comprehensive contact details for follow-up.

Contact Management: In less time, close more transactions. Track what stage deals you are actually in, and at the optimum time, take any opportunity.

Workflow Automation:

Each time your team follows up with a lead or updates a field that requires important manual work. Learn how to perform these activities very quickly, using workflows.

  Communicating with your prospects and customers :

CRM will show you all the history that will help you efficiently manage your prospects and customers. You will have access to that type of information to perform easier communication with your customers.