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Interactive Voice Response(IVR) system are automated and step workflow based response systems that are implemented to guide callers through a set of questions and responses.

IVR service is the initial point of contact for customers that call your support team. It is responsible for gathering information from consumers and directing them to the appropriate department to resolve their problems quickly. As it helps to develop a strong sense of trust with consumers and adds to overall business success, the IVR (interactive voice response) system has become the top choice for enterprises.

The use of IVR has revolutionised voice communication. As an outcome, it is a critical component for businesses, particularly communication automation and personalisation.

Advantages of Hosted IVR:

  1. Highly scalable
  2. Can take care of a large number of callers at the same time without increasing manpower
  3. Cost Effective
  4. Facility of call recording and call tracking
  5. 24*7 Customer support