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Predictive Dialer is an outbound dialer. A predictive dialer is designed to handle a large number of calls in a short time period. Predictive dialer software is an auto dialer software that automatically dials the numbers from the list. In this dialer, after automatic dialing, if someone responds only then the call is transferred to the appropriate agent. If no one responds to the call, it automatically calls on another number so that the agent’s time is not wasted. Predictive Dialer Software uses advanced algorithms to improve agent productivity by reducing the waiting time, the number of dropped calls & idle time of agents. When dialer dials the call, assigns the call to the available agent. It’s a continuous process. It starts dialing the number again after a few seconds and assigns the call to next agent, repeat s this process to increase the productivity. This software increases the efficiency of agents by 90% in comparison to manual dialing because using this dialer, agent time is not wasted by listening to the dial tones of unanswered calls, invalid numbers, busy tones or not reachable and answering machines etc.

The underlying principle behind the working of a predictive dialer is based on statistical algorithms.

What sets predictive dialer apart from other dialers is that it can predict the availability of the agents to make the next call, based on predictive algorithms. Another feature that distinguishes predictive dialer from other dialers is that it can dial multiple contacts at the same time. This ensures that the idle time for the agents is minimized, and the right number of leads are contacted.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of a predictive dialer-

Campaign Management
CRM Integration
Real-Time Reporting
Contact List Management
Interactive Agent Dashboard
Call Recording