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In power dialers, the agent can import their daily call sheet or the calling details for each lead. The calling process is then performed over the web using a cloud-based voice-over-internet protocol or VoIP system.

The agent can manually dial numbers using an on-screen keypad, or they can launch calls directly from their imported lead information or through a pre-populated calling list.

If the power dialer reaches a number that’s disconnected, busy, or unattended, it will automatically call the next phone number on the contact list.


  • Gives sale time for after-call activity and dials the next number when your representative click on the “next call” button.
  • Allows you to leave a pre-recorded message when you reach a prospect’s voicemail.
  • Integrates with your CRM, making it easier for you to sort, search, and segment your contacts.
  • Simplifies workflow by eliminating redundant task when cold calling
  • Maximizes the time spent in outreach, as the sales team won’t have to toggle between different tools or sheets to find phone numbers
  • As it poses the capability to dial numbers automatically, your agents will be able to make more calls
  • Power Dialing will ring each contact for 30 seconds by default; thus, reducing the time spent per call and increasing efficiency
  • Reports can help you track agent performance