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Auto dialer software is a computer program that automatically dials telephone numbers. It is usually used in telemarketing campaigns. Auto dialer software is also used in call centres to automatically dial numbers and connect the call to an available agent. Auto dialer software is also used in emergency notification systems to dial numbers automatically and deliver a pre-recorded message.

Dialers that offer more capabilities and features than autodialers include predictive dialers and power dialers. Inbound dialers such as autodialers or automatic phone dialers are used to call out a list of contacts on a regular basis automatically. Your greeting can be played, or you can request an IVR entry based on the call flow. Depending on certain conditions, all calls can be assigned to different agents.

Conducting outbound campaigns is more efficient, thanks to auto dialer software. Call centres can effectively communicate with customers with Knowledge of auto dialer solutions, which offer predictive dialling capabilities. Knowing when your agents are available, pacing dialling efficiently, and filtering unproductive calls is all possible with Knowlarity. Efforts to improve customer satisfaction and experience through proactive communication are significant drivers of agent productivity.

Benefits of Auto  Dialers

  1. Reduce agent idle time
  2. Increase agent productivity
  3. Better lead management
  4. Improve result
  5. Increase efficiency
  6. Enhance performance
  7. Boost sales
  8. Increase debt collection
  9. Reduce the cost of operations
  10. Increase revenue
  11. Increase ROI