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cloud telephony boosts productivity

Cloud Telephony Boosts Overall Productivity

Telephony services on the cloud are dominantly used in the field of contact or call centres. PBX set-up is an on-premises hardware-driven approach; it is not cost-effective. Therefore, these days, almost every call business has shifted to cloud services to cater to their voice communication needs. 

Voice communications services accessible over the internet have many beneficial aspects. One of them is the way this technology improves the metrics of a call centre or any other organisation. The way IP PBX leverages a call business’s existing resources, streamlining voice communication and associated processes, is most appreciable and out of doubt. 

Thus, let’s today focus on how cloud telephony enables contact centres to improve their overall performance, attaining a higher level of output and thereby driving more profits. 

Remote-Work Capabilities

Cloud telephony services are accessible over the internet through a web-based interface i.e., a website. This facility allows business owners to adapt to a more flexible approach to work. For example, they can allow their workforce to operate in the work-from-home mode on Saturdays, saving them commuting and thus enabling them to have a more satisfying weekend time. Ultimately, because of that, the efficiency of the workforce will increase, boosting overall productivity. So, cloud telephony comes with such remote-work capabilities that could be utilised mindfully to tackle the problem of burnout among workers. When agents in a contact centre feel energetic and refreshed, they work more effectively than ever.         

Unified Communications

Furthermore, IP PBX aims at increasing productivity through technological advancements. In simple words, a service provider offers new ways to integrate essential communication tools into one platform. This helps save the whole amount of time, otherwise spent, dealing with multiple communication tools, among other benefits. Thus, through the integration of voice, video, chat, and collaboration tools into one virtual interface, IP PBX solutions streamline communication and boost existing levels of efficiency.       

IVR Features

Often, cloud telephony solutions come along with the facility of IVR. Its full form is Interactive Voice Response. It is a technology that allows computers to interact with humans through voice and DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) tones via telephone keypads. With this, certain activities can be automated in call centres. First, it can automate the process of interacting with callers and routing them to the desired department or agent. Second, IVR features can also enable callers to retrieve information without the engagement of an agent on the other end of the line. Thus, such automation of activities daily being repeated on the part of workers helps save time and leverage resources. And it ultimately enables the organisation to expand and increase its productivity.      

Call Recording and Analytics 

IP PBX solutions always come with accompanying facilities to collect call data and convert them into valuable insights. You get call recording facilities. There are metrics related to call data that you can go through to check the quality of the service being provided by your agents to customers or clients. Furthermore, data collection is provided against ongoing campaigns and call operations. Thus, it helps you evaluate the quality level of the output being produced and detect the key improvement areas. This enablement, finally, allows a business owner to take decisive actions based on powerful insights and thus utilise idle capacity in the short run, increasing productivity and overall efficiency.     


Certain IP PBX systems also offer the feature of voicemail-to-email. In this feature, voicemails are automatically transcribed and then sent to the email inboxes of agents. This functionality of automated transcription leads to the speedy sorting out of pending matters. Thus, the process becomes easy, fast and satisfactory, optimising agent efficiency. 

Presence Management 

Internet telephony service providers often provide web-based interfaces to their customers to access the required hardware and software situated off-site in the data centres. Such interfaces don’t just allow agents to manage calls but also inform them about the availability of the team members. This helps colleagues to see who is online or on a call, reducing unnecessary interruptions. Ultimately, everything leads to saving time and boosting productivity.  


Furthermore, by reducing the need for physical phone hardware and providing pay-as-you-go pricing models, cloud telephony ensures cost-effective communication solutions, allowing businesses to invest in other areas of growth, expand in their respective fields and eventually increase their capabilities. 

So, do you need this technology in your workplace too, to streamline the workflow? If yes, contact us for the best cloud telephony solutions at affordable prices. Next2Call is a reliable ISP and ITSP in the telecommunication industry.