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Auto-Dialling Streamlines Your Business

#Thesis Statement (Summary): auto-dialling eliminates the cumbersome manual dialling from the process. It is a software solution that automatically dials phone numbers from a pre-uploaded contact list and initiates calls on behalf of the available agents. This software is useful within the context of an outbound campaign or outbound marketing. Thus, automating dialling this way leads to saving time, the most valuable resource, and enabling each agent to handle more calls. More calls correspond to high conversion possibilities, enhancing sales prospects for the business in question. Thus, considering this complete sequence of events allows us to appreciate the fact that auto-dialling software or auto-dialling streamlines businesses by automating dialling and leveraging the existing resources, boosting overall productivity and growth; The key factor, here, is to enable an outbound marketer to carry out routine tasks in less time by automating dialling. 

Why Do We Need Auto-Dialling Software?

From the introduction of this blog, it must have been amply clear that auto-diallers are useful to fix the problem of manual dialling. This helps save time and boost an agent’s efficiency and productivity while handling an outbound marketing campaign. 

In the following discussion, we are going to elaborate on this basic idea further to make it more and more clear. Let’s start with the concept of marketing. 

Types of Marketing

Marketing is everything that you have to do to sell your services or products. It is all about reaching out to potential clients and making them buy your commodities. 

All the actions taken with respect to marketing are often summed into one work campaign. There are two types of marketing campaigns. First, there is an outbound marketing campaign. Another is inbound marketing or inbound campaigns. 

Here, we are only concerned with outbound marketing as it is the only context where the concept of auto-dialling assumes importance. It is where an agent has to make a lot of calls during the day to meet specific sales or business targets. However, such outbound campaigns might be for multiple purposes, not just commercial purposes for example, one might make unsolicited calls to disseminate crucial information or spread political agenda in the wake of elections. Reasons are many but broadly, it is for two reasons i.e., for commercial purposes or information spread or dissemination.  

Outbound Marketing

Suppose a bank needs to reach out to potential clients or customers who might show interest in its personal loan offers. Thus, to realise this goal, the bank might opt for an outbound campaign, among other means of promotion. To achieve this end through outbound marketing, the bank will sort out a list of potential clients’ contacts and deploy its agents to make unsolicited outgoing calls and talk to prospective customers regarding the ongoing load offers. In that case, some people might show interest in taking the loan while others may not. This is the entire scenario of an outbound campaign for a commercial reason. 

But, do you know what the problem is with this approach? It is nothing more than manual dialling. An outbound campaign of such a sort that is described above requires agents to dial each contact number of a potential client themselves. What if this routine task can be optimised? 

The Problem of Manual Dialling

As we have discussed above, outbound marketing or outgoing calls require marketers to dial manually. It becomes time-consuming on a large scale. Thus, to automate this routine activity during outbound marketing for businesses, innovative thinkers came up with the idea of auto-dialling software. 

This software automates dialling, allowing agents to only focus on the effectiveness of their interactions with potential clients. It increases conversion rates. 

There are various types of diallers. You can choose predictive, power or progressive diallers. Each dialler comes with its own distinct features and shortcomings. At the time of purchase, you can discuss all your queries in this regard with the service provider. 

Auto-Dialling Software—The Solution

The only solution for the problem of manual dialling during outbound marketing is auto-dialling software. This software comes in a variety of modes. These are as follows. 

Preview Dialling Software:

Description: Preview dialling software gives agents a preview of the customer’s information before the call is dialled. Agents have the option to accept or skip the call.

Use Cases: Complex sales scenarios, where agents need to review customer data before making the call.

Progressive Dialling Software:

Description: Progressive diallers automatically dial phone numbers and connect agents to live calls. The system screens out busy signals, voicemails, and unanswered calls.

Use Cases: Outbound sales, lead generation, and scenarios where a balance between automation and agent control is needed.

Predictive Dialling Software:

Description: Predictive diallers use algorithms to predict agent availability and the likelihood of call answers. They automatically dial multiple numbers simultaneously and connect answered calls to available agents.

Use Cases: Telemarketing, high-volume outbound campaigns, and situations where efficiency and speed are critical.

Power Dialling Software:

Description: Power diallers automatically dial a pre-set list of phone numbers but only connect agents to live calls. This reduces the downtime between calls.

Use Cases: Outbound sales, lead follow-up, and scenarios where efficiency is crucial.

Voice Broadcasting Software:

Description: Voice broadcasting software delivers pre-recorded messages to a list of phone numbers. It is not interactive and is commonly used for notifications, reminders, and marketing campaigns.

Use Cases: Appointment reminders, event notifications, and mass communication.

Auto-Dialer Software:

Description: Auto-dialers can refer to a broader category of dialling software that includes predictive, progressive, and power dialers. The term is often used interchangeably with predictive dialers.

Use Cases: Varied, depending on the specific type of auto-dialer used.

Click-to-Dial Software:

Description: Click-to-dial software allows users to initiate calls by clicking on a phone number within a software application. It streamlines the calling process and eliminates manual dialling errors.

Use Cases: Sales calls, customer support, and any scenario where users need quick and error-free dialling.

CRM Dialer Integration:

Description: Many dialling solutions integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, allowing agents to make calls directly from the CRM interface and automatically log call details.

Use Cases: Sales, customer service, and scenarios where maintaining accurate customer records is essential.

The choice of dialling software depends on the specific requirements of the business or organisation, including the volume of calls, the level of automation desired, and the nature of the interactions with customers or prospects. For more information in this regard, talk to Next2Call. It is a leading cloud-based business communication service provider. 

Benefits of Using Auto-Diallers

Manual Dialling Elimination: the most immediate and clear outcome of deploying auto-diallers in outbound campaigns is that it helps eliminate manual dialling. It promotes the automation of dialling. It is not just about dialling but the modernisation of the dialling process because of various dialling logics such as power, predictive, preview, progressive, etc. 

Automation: auto-dialling software helps automate dialling and streamline the process of outbound marketing. Thus, this technology helps automate the routine tasks.  

Increase in Agent Productivity: automation, as aforementioned, would lead to an increase in individual productivity. Each agent now would be able to focus more on talking to their clients rather than spending time on dialling.  

Higher Conversion Possibilities: the preceding factors make it possible for agents to be able to talk to more people within the same working hours with the deployment of auto-dialling software. This increases the chances for conversion. It is true with the principle that the more people you talk to, the more likely it is that you will find people who are actually interested in your business goals. 

Growth: A higher conversion ratio leads to higher growth possibilities in the long run. 

Expansion: with a higher level of growth, there comes the expansion of a firm. Thus, your business will grow and expand.