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Importance of Cloud Telephony in TeleMarketing 

Humans cannot live without communication. No matter what the context is, we all have to engage in various kinds of talks. In today’s modern world, this basic requirement has been facilitated by the availability of a variety of communication tools and technologies. Two such technologies are the internet and voice calls or an even more advanced approach to telecom is cloud telephony. Today, we are going to discuss the importance of cloud-based telecommunications within the context of telemarketing. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Telemarketing and its Importance

Products and services—these two are the sole basis of the world economy. With a service or a product, no transaction can take place of an economic nature. In other words, businesses have to have something to sell. But, do you know that only having a product is also not sufficient without advertisement, everything is as useless as food without hands to facilitate transportation to your mouth. 

So, there comes the need for marketing. Companies, organisations or businesses undertake various activities to promote the visibility, interest and sales of their products or services. Without such efforts, no customer can come to know if the product in question exists or not. So, marketing, promotion or advertisement is inevitable that nobody can overlook.  

One of the marketing modes or ways is telemarketing. In this type of advertisement, potential or possible clients are informed of ongoing offers, services or products unsolicited by way of phone calls. Thus, tele means telecommunication and marketing means an effort to realise a sale. 

In the following section, we are going to talk about cloud telephony and its benefits in telemarketing. 

Cloud Telephony 

Cloud Telephony or IP PBX or Cloud-based Communication is a way to manage calls via the internet connection, without requiring any hardware on the premises. It is a SaaS cloud delivery model. 

Infusing Telemarketing with VoIP-enabled Telecommunication

If you use this technology to conduct telemarketing campaigns, you enjoy the following benefits

Advanced Technology 

Before the advent of cloud telecommunications, there used to be set-ups like PBX. This approach used to require a business to set the inevitable hardware on the premises to make voice calls. This technology was mostly cumbersome and hardware-driven. PBX-approach-to-voice communication was not an easy situation to handle. It included various shortcomings. But, now, the situation has changed. 

Today, you just need a robust and secure internet connection, on the premises. It is just more than enough to make, receive or manage calls. Thus, if you infuse cloud telephony—using VoIP solutions for voice communication—into your telemarketing, you are definitely going to be ahead of all who haven’t embraced this technology yet.  

Minimum Downtime 

Old technologies of voice communications like PBX or so had very long downtime. Sometimes, they would not be operative or functional for days without instant solutions. Cloud telephony has no such issues. Thus, embracing VoIP enables a telemarketer to handle campaigns smoothly. 

Higher Uptime 

Cloud Telephony leverages the latest technology to help users initiate or manage voice calls. Thus, the deployment of the latest technology enables the service provider to offer services with high uptime. 

Fewer Interruptions 

With lower downtime and maximum uptime, interruptions during calls come to a minimum, making communication smooth and less irritating. Suppose you are talking to an interested client regarding your services and suddenly, your connection snaps causing a long bout of disconnection! Isn’t it harmful? Well, yes. Therefore, embracing cloud telephony helps reduce such interruptions. 

Seamless Communication 

So far, we have discussed various factors, appreciating the usefulness of cloud telephony within telemarketing. Each preceding point or factor facilitates the existence of the following one. Thus, now, you have seamless communication. Ultimately, IP PBX makes calls seamless and smooth. 

Higher Scalability 

Scalability is the fact, concerning a business tool or system, of being readily available for a higher level of accommodation requirements. For example, suppose your business may see higher possibilities shortly. Thus, you may decide to increase the volume of outbound calls. In that case, cloud telephony can instantly be scaled up as per your increased requirements. IP PBX is easy to scale owing to Saas or other cloud service delivery models.      

Integration Possibilities 

Does your business use CRM software for maintaining all contacts and client or customer relationships? Well, this is the case with all call-reliant businesses. Thus, in that case, wouldn’t you like to make calls right from the comfort of your CRM screen? If yes, this is only possible with the integration of click-to-call API into your CRM. It is only possible with cloud telephony. 


The advantage of making calls over the Internet comes with a lot of features. One such feature has already been discussed which is to make calls right from the CRM—cloud telephony API integration. Furthermore, you get to enjoy various functionalities, for example, call reports, analytics, automatic voice-mail features, voice-mail transcription features, call recordings instantly available on the CRM screen etc. All of these make your telemarketing more effective and efficient.    


This technology is reasonable or pocket-friendly as well. It helps you make calls at lower rates as compared to other old ways of communication.  

IVR Capabilities 

With VoIP, you can leverage the power of an automatic call attendant—IVR. It revolutionises the way you handle your campaigns, optimising overall productivity. With the help of IVR, agents can focus on more important clients without any disturbances from enquiring customers. 


Cloud telephony is the latest way to make voice calls over the internet. Here, the word cloud means over the internet and the second term refers to the act of voice call. Thus, if you use this latest way to handle your outbound or inbound telemarketing campaigns you will be reaping the benefits of cutting-edge telecom technology. If you are looking for a reliable cloud telephony service provider, talk to us. Next2Call has been offering the best cloud-based business communications for over a decade now.