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  1. A virtual display number with several phone numbers mapped behind it, starting with 1800 (in
  2. All incoming calls made on a toll-free number are free for the callers, and the toll-free number
    subscriber must pay their calling costs.
  3. In most cases, the toll-free number is limited to the same country only, indicating that calls can’t be
    made on this number from across borders.
  4. Eliminating regional restrictions throughout the country, the caller calling the toll-free number will
    be free of charge from any State.
  5. Free number can be used only for receiving and forwarding calls on connected numbers, and not for
    outgoing purposes.
    How can one get toll free number in India
  6. Simply visit the website or store of the telecom company you want to take the number from. Thereare clear links to apply for a toll free number. Charges vary from one company to another.
    Various uses of troll free numbers
    First and most use of toll free number is to help you to improve your customer service ability, A
    consistent and helpful means of communication is an important thing to have when you are doing
    The importance of a toll free number for businesses has not been decreased. Toll Free number can use
    to gain credibility and recognition in the current market. It helps them grow their customer base by
    providing a reliable and direct contact to the customer service.
    What are its benefits

To deliver the promised ‘Customer Service’
To prove business credibility & professionalism
To take an edge over competitors
To make business marketing more impactful
To prepare for future scalability & portabilite

There are many advantages of toll-free numbers, which are listed below:

Easy to remember
One strong suit of toll-free numbers is that they are unique and easy to remember. Since they usually
begin with prefixes such as 1800, 800, and 888, it makes them stand out from other numbers making
them simpler to learn.
Simplifies calling experience
These numbers make all the departments easily accessible for the callers. All they have to do is call a
toll-free number and they’ll instantly be routed to the appropriate department.
Toll-free numbers are pretty easy to set up and affordable for businesses of all scales.
Customer satisfaction
A toll-free number provides hassle-free support without geographical or time limitations. This, in turn,
leads to enhanced customer satisfaction.