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A dialer is a programme that automatically contacts and dials a number or a list of numbers, transferring each call to a call centre representative. Its job is to make outgoing calls automatically.

A dialer is a kind of call centre software that automates calling customer numbers and makes it simple to record the results of these calls. IVR, push notifications, and SMS can all be utilised with dialers to distribute pre recorded messages.



A power dialer, often referred to as an auto dialer, is an automated telephone device that is used to dial a phone number after a call has ended. The power dialer application will call the following contact on the list after an operator has finished a call. While conducting a telemarketing campaign or making cold calls, power dialling software is incredibly useful.


You can save time by using the dialer. Companies generally utilise it to deliver reminders and product updates. Messages can be pre-recorded and sent to everyone on your contact list without having to wait for a phone line to open up when using a robot dialer. 


Before the call is connected, this type of dialer gives the agent information about the upcoming call so the agent can get ready.


For difficult sales or follow-ups where agents need to examine past notes and conversation histories, the dialer is useful. Salespeople and agents that need extra time to conduct research prior to making a contact typically utilise this dialer.


 The capacity to make outbound phone calls without entering a different phone number for each call is provided by the usage of a virtual dialer by customer service personnel such as virtual receptionists, call centre agents, or telemarketing service representatives.


An outbound dialling system called a predictive dialer makes automatic phone calls from a list of contacts. A predictive dialer’s operation is underpinned by a set of statistical algorithms.With this dialer, you can avoid fax machines, busy signals, unanswered calls, and incorrect numbers. A predictive dialer will allow agents to make 110 calls per hour on average.