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5 benefits of cloud telephony

 5 Prominent Benefits of Cloud Telephony

This blog explores the importance and usefulness of the technology of cloud telephony from 5 different points of view. Thus, get ready as we discuss some of the prominent advantages over old and conventional ways of telephony. But before that, let’s first discuss the concept a bit; it might help many readers to get the context. Thus, without further ado, here we go.    

Cloud Telephony Turns Your Internet-Enabled Hardware into Calling Devices!

Well, you might have heard of IP PBX. If you are the one still wondering what this is, don’t worry. It isn’t rocket science. It is the name of a technology that allows internet-connected devices to make, receive and manage voice calls along with a bunch of other functionalities i.e., IVR, Voice Recording, Call Conferencing, etc. 

In other words, with the help of an IP PBX service provider, you can convert your desktops into real telephony devices. Or, to put it differently, you can use the same internet connection to manage calls. Isn’t it amazing and way more cost-effective than the conventional method?   

Suppose you aspire to set up and run a call centre. So, in that case, it is obvious that you are worried. It is so because now you need all the hardware and equipment on the premises to start the business. PBX, Private Branch Exchange—the old way to conduct telephonic activities—requires you to make big investments in such hardware. 

Thus, anybody can feel worried and tense during such moments. Isn’t it? Well, no. You don’t need to worry. Leverage the power of Cloud Telephony. With this technology, there is no need for on-premises hardware to conduct telephonic operations e.g., making calls etc. How? Consider the following.  

Access Off-Site Hardware over the Internet 

Cloud telephony operates by allowing users to leverage off-site hardware resources through internet-based software interfaces. In this system, the essential infrastructure for managing calls, including servers and networking equipment, is hosted in remote data centres by a service provider. Users gain access to these resources via the internet, using specialised software applications i.e., websites. 

This innovative approach eliminates the requirement for users to set up and maintain physical hardware on their own premises. Instead, they can conveniently and efficiently meet their telephony needs remotely. It is like outsourcing telephony from a service provider. 

This cloud-based model not only simplifies operations but also offers scalability and flexibility, making it an increasingly popular choice for businesses and organisations seeking advanced and cost-effective communication solutions. Now, let’s discuss the advantages of using Cloud Telephony in detail. 

Cost-Effectiveness—Save Money 

A VoIP PBX service provider basically provides its clients with essential infrastructure to make, receive or manage calls, along with other services like interactive voice response, automatic call distribution, voice recording, etc., through the Internet. Thus, when you subscribe to cloud telephony, there is no requirement for on-premises hardware. You can just remotely access off-site hardware to meet your call requirements with the help of a special web-based piece of software. 

Thus, Cloud Telephony reduces operational costs by eliminating the need for basic hardware on the premises and its maintenance.     

Scalability—Level up Your Service Fast  

Another advantage of cloud telephony is as follows. You can level up your infrastructure needs in real time without any hassle as soon as demands arise. Suppose your business experiences a spike in the leads during on-season. In that case, just talk to your IP PBX service provider and the same will configure certain settings from their end and it will be done with just a blink of an eye. So, cloud telephony comes with the flexibility of scaling your services without many requirements on your part.  

Thus, the technology provides easily scalable solutions.   

Remote Accessibility—Utilise the Power of Remote Work Possibilities  

With Internet telephony, a user can remotely access off-site hardware infrastructure to initiate and manage voice calls via the Internet. Thus, this type of approach to telephony or telecommunications enables the users to access the service over the Internet anytime and anywhere. As a result, cloud telephony allows agents to work remotely, making use of every crucial moment and establishing a better work-life balance.        

Comprehensiveness—Use Advanced Features  

When you compare cloud telephony with conventional PBX, the one prominent difference is as follows. The advanced technology of cloud telephony comes with a lot of useful features like Call Recording, IVR, ACD, Call Forwarding, Dial Support, Reports on Key Metrics etc. Thus, VoIP PBX is a feature-packed solution that leverages resources, increasing productivity and reducing costs of operations.  

Integration—Manage All Useful Tools in One Place 

Finally, the most important thing about using cloud telephony for managing calls is that it lets you bring all your important business tools together in one place. Often, the web-based software you use to access IP PBX services from a provider can also integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This means it’s really easy to combine and use all your essential tools in one system, making your work simpler and more efficient. For example, wouldn’t you love it if you were able to get the details of a caller right on the screen while on the line? Or, what do you say about being able to initiate a call right from the CRM?

Interested in Cloud Telephony?

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