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Conduct Audio Conference calls easily with our Call Conferencing System Solution. Our solution will let you communicate easily to your colleagues sitting thousands of miles away via Conferencing. Next2Call offers Conferencing System developed with advanced technology that will enhance your Conference phone meetings by providing you authentic and reliable network along with features like Noise-cancellation, echo-cancellation that will provide you quality conferencing at all hours.

We Support
  • ●Server Support
  • ●Database Support
  • ●Infrastructure Application
  • ●Network Support
  • ●Platform Support
  • ●Firewall Support
  • ●Perimeter Security Support
  • ●On-Site Support
  • ●IT Consulting
  • ●Transition Support
  • ●System design
  • ●Architecture planning

Why Choose Call Conferencing Solution?

In an era of neck-to-neck competition, teleconferencing has become a need for all businesses and organizations to work effectively and remain ahead of your competitors. From Weekly Sales Meetings to offering Distance Learning Programs or Providing Help Desk Support to end-users, Call Conferencing Systems are needed for seamless business operations across boundaries Owning your own conference bridge can greatly reduce travel expenses as well as provide you with an easier to use system that is custom to your specific requirements. If you too are looking for audio conference phone calls for your organization, we are here to assist you !! Next2Call is one of the leading industry in providing excellent services when it comes to customer support. Our services are known for offering exceptional features to our clients.

Why Choose Us?
  • ● Offers excellent Noise Cancellation
  • ● Excellent Echo-Cancellation
  • ● Provide quality-conferencing at all hours
  • ● Round the Clock Assistance to our clients
  • ● Dedicated team of technical experts at your service
    Our Methadology
  • ● Trained professionals to manage your IT.
  • ● 24x7 monitoring and management.
  • ● Guaranteed response time.
  • ● Remote/Onsite Support.
  • ● Expert on call.
  • ● Automating routine tasks (thus lowering cost and errors).
  • ● After office hours support.
    Network Operation Centers
  • ● 50 Seats NOC/SOC.
  • ● 24x7 ITIL Operations.
  • ● Network Management System.
  • ● Certified Security Engineers.
  • ● Support Desk.
  • ● Physical/Biometric parameter Security.
  • ● Business Continuity Planning in place.
  • ● Disaster Recovery in place.
    Infrastructure Support
  • ● Server Support.
  • ● Database Support.
  • ● Infrastructure Application Support.
  • ● Network Support.
  • ● Platform Support.
  • ● Firewall Support.
  • ● Perimeter Security Support.
  • ● On-Site Support.
  • ● IT Consulting.
  • ● Transition Support.
  • ● System design and Architecture planning.
  • Other Services
    Infrastructure Base-lining.
  • ● Desktop Support.
  • ● Remote Server Management (wintel).
  • ● Remote Network Management.
  • ● Remote Security Management.
  • ● Onsite Support.
  • ● Remote Monitoring.
Our Other Collaborative Services

We offer other services too when it comes to Collaboration like

  • ● Video Conferencing System
  • ● Web Conferencing System.
  • ● Conference Phone
  • ● Hosted Conference Calls
Primary Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Next 2 Call primarily focus on its customer's satisfaction. Technical support is something you need in a bad time when you get stuck helplessly. We care and understand the value of your money. Our expert technicians help you come out of your Call Center problems. We have dedicated technical experts for each common problems. We are not limited to offer any specific kind of technical solution. At Next 2 Call, we have solution to almost any kind of problem you might have. At Next 2 Call, We have expert technicians who are ready to provide you online help on all burning issues you are facing. Call us on our number and your issue will be taken into consideration by one of our technical experts.

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