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Automatic Call Distributor - N2C.

ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) controls inbound calls and routes them to all the accessible agents who are logged in to a computer. Usually, the number of inbound calls for any contact centre is more than the number of agents accessible, and it may happen that some agents are overburdened with calls while others are idle. ACD certify uniform call distribution across accessible agents and balanced load distribution across multiple office locations. With our ACD solution, you can provide your customers with the best experience. Our superior call management leads to shorter interactions with customers. By accessing and managing information faster with our comprehensive solution, your agents can serve more clients, thereby ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction with your organization.

We Support
  • ●Server Support
  • ●Database Support
  • ●Infrastructure Application
  • ●Network Support
  • ●Platform Support
  • ●Firewall Support
  • ●Perimeter Security Support
  • ●On-Site Support
  • ●IT Consulting
  • ●Transition Support
  • ●System design
  • ●Architecture planning

  • ● Distribute workload evenly to all agents even at peak hours enhancing efficiency
  • ● Get comprehensive reports to gain insights for better productivity
  • ● Can be easily integrated with third-party database
  • ● Provide multiple options for customized greetings to customers
  • ● Provide robust routing and prioritzation schmes
  • ● Able to execute all multimedia operations

  • Advantages
  • ● Optimal Management: Handle huge volume of calls at peak hours
  • ● Cost-Effective: Affordable-mode of engaging with your large customer base
  • ● Agent Satisfaction: Helps your calling agents in handling huge volume of calls improving their experience
  • ● Increase Sales and Profits: Bring significant improvement in your business sales and profits by providing excellent management of call distribution
  • ● Time-Saving: Terminate redundant hold times during busy slots

  • Next2Call
      Our Methadology
    • ● Trained professionals to manage your IT.
    • ● 24x7 monitoring and management.
    • ● Guaranteed response time.
    • ● Remote/Onsite Support.
    • ● Expert on call.
    • ● Automating routine tasks (thus lowering cost and errors).
    • ● After office hours support.
      Network Operation Centers
    • ● 50 Seats NOC/SOC.
    • ● 24x7 ITIL Operations.
    • ● Network Management System.
    • ● Certified Security Engineers.
    • ● Support Desk.
    • ● Physical/Biometric parameter Security.
    • ● Business Continuity Planning in place.
    • ● Disaster Recovery in place.
      Infrastructure Support
    • ● Server Support.
    • ● Database Support.
    • ● Infrastructure Application Support.
    • ● Network Support.
    • ● Platform Support.
    • ● Firewall Support.
    • ● Perimeter Security Support.
    • ● On-Site Support.
    • ● IT Consulting.
    • ● Transition Support.
    • ● System design and Architecture planning.
    • Other Services
      Infrastructure Base-lining.
    • ● Desktop Support.
    • ● Remote Server Management (wintel).
    • ● Remote Network Management.
    • ● Remote Security Management.
    • ● Onsite Support.
    • ● Remote Monitoring.

    Why Choose Us?

  • ● Value For Money: Next2Call offer value for money services at convenient rates
  • ● Dedicated Experts: Next2Call provides a team of experts to assist you and resolve your issues quickly
  • ● Assured Quality: We offer top-rated quality service to all our clients
  • ● Customer Support: We are 24*7 available to help you and provide you expert consultancy

  • Achievable Benefits
  • ●Logical and cost-effective handling of call volumes at most busy times,
  • ●Terminate redundant hold times during busy slots.
  • ●Eliminate employee turnover and quality assurance probelms.
  • ●Competitiveness needs by organization to automate outbound inbound call handling processes & improved profits.

  • Primary Focus on - Customer Satisfaction

    Next 2 Call primarily focus on its customer's satisfaction. Expert Consultants is something you need in a bad time when you get stuck helplessly or looking for process expansion or re-engineering. We care and understand the value of your time. Our expert teams will help you come out of your Call Center problems or new requisitions.

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