Do you know what IP PBX is? Well, it is the most advanced way to streamline communication in the workplace. Every business in today’s world has to have a stable internet connection to meet daily requirements, i.e., browsing online content, sending emails, conducting online meetings, maintaining an online presence, etc. So, IP PBX, instead of any physical cables or other equipment, lets you use the same internet to make, receive or manage calls within or outside the organisation. Hence, one can use the internet to manage calls the same way as they send emails and messages over the internet.

If you are still using traditional ways of managing calls like PBX or any other device, it is time to switch to VoIP PBX. Like sending emails and messages, the IP PBX system allows you to control phone calls over the internet. And thus, it is an effective and efficient call management technology, especially for call centres. It saves resources, helping reach higher efficiency and thus, increasing productivity. So, are you interested in VoIP PBX? If yes, Next2Call is the best service provider in this regard as it has been streamlining call centres, among other forms of businesses, in terms of communication for years now since its inception.
Next2Call provides affordable, reliable, effective and easy-to-use VoIP PBX solutions. Reach out to us today and facilitate effective communication within your business for better outcomes.

    • ● Server Support
    • ● Database Support
    • ● Infrastructure Application
    • ● Network Support
    • ● Platform Support
    • ● Firewall Support
    • ● Perimeter Security Support
    • ● On-Site Support
    • ● IT Consulting
    • ● Transition Support
    • ● System design
    • ● Architecture planning

Features of VoIP PBX

● Extension Management—
create, modify and manage internal extensions for employees, departments, and teams without any hassle anytime at your convenience.

● Call Routing—
channelise incoming calls to specific extensions, departments, or voicemails easily without any problem or technicality.

● Call Forwarding—
redirect calls to another extension or external number (e.g., mobile phone) when the recipient is unavailable.

● Voicemail—
use the voicemail feature to allow callers to leave messages when the recipient is not reachable or unavailable.

● Auto Attendant—
set up automated greetings and interactive menus to guide callers to the appropriate extension or department.

● Conference Calling—
make conference calls with internal and external participants without any trouble.

● Call Transfer—
transfer calls between extensions, departments, or external numbers seamlessly.


    Our Methadology
  • ● Trained professionals to manage your IT.
  • ● 24x7 monitoring and management.
  • ● Guaranteed response time.
  • ● Remote/Onsite Support.
  • ● Expert on call.
  • ● Automating routine tasks (thus lowering cost and errors).
  • ● After office hours support.
    Network Operation Centers
  • ● 50 Seats NOC/SOC.
  • ● 24x7 ITIL Operations.
  • ● Network Management System.
  • ● Certified Security Engineers.
  • ● Support Desk.
  • ● Physical/Biometric parameter Security.
  • ● Business Continuity Planning in place.
  • ● Disaster Recovery in place.
  • Other Services
    Infrastructure Base-lining.
  • ● Desktop Support.
  • ● Remote Server Management (wintel).
  • ● Remote Network Management.
  • ● Remote Security Management.
  • ● Onsite Support.
  • ● Remote Monitoring.
    Infrastructure Support
  • ● Server Support.
  • ● Database Support.
  • ● Infrastructure Application Support.
  • ● Network Support.
  • ● Platform Support.
  • ● Firewall Support.
  • ● Perimeter Security Support.
  • ● On-Site Support.
  • ● IT Consulting.
  • ● Transition Support.
  • ● System design and Architecture planning.

● Caller ID—
display caller information, such as name and number, on the recipient's screen.

● Call Waiting—
notify users of incoming calls when they are already on another call.p>

● Call Recording—
record conversations for training, quality assurance, or compliance purposes.

● Music on Hold—
play music or record messages to callers who are on hold.

● Voicemail-to-Email—
automatically send voicemail messages to designated email addresses for easy access.

● Presence Management—
indicate the availability status of extensions (e.g., available, busy, away) to help colleagues (co-workers) know who is reachable.

● Remote Extensions—
allow employees to connect their extensions remotely, enabling work from various locations.

● Intercom and Paging—
broadcast announcements or pages to all or specific extensions.

● Fax Support—
send and receive faxes digitally through the VoIP PBX system.

● Mobile Integration—
allow employees to integrate the system with their smartphones as extensions and use them for work at their convenience.p>

● Call Analytics and Reporting—
monitor call statistics, duration, volume, and other metrics to gain insights into communication quality and improvement areas.

● Integration with CRM—
connect the PBX system with Customer Relationship Management software to enhance customer interactions.

● Security and Authentication—
implement security measures like user authentication, encryption, and firewall support to protect communications.

● Customizable Greetings—
create personalised greetings and messages for specific extensions or departments.

● Time-Based Routing—
route calls differently based on the time of day or day of the week.

● Do Not Disturb—
allow users to set their extensions to "Do Not Disturb" mode to block incoming calls temporarily, among other options.

Why Choose Our VoIP Service?

At Next2Call, we understand that effective communication is the cornerstone of a business’s success. That's why we're proud to offer top-notch VoIP PBX services designed to revolutionise the way people connect, collaborate, and communicate at work. When you choose us as your VoIP PBX service provider, you're choosing innovation, reliability, and a partner dedicated to enhancing communication infrastructure within your workplace. We provide:

● Cutting-Edge Technology—
our solutions are always built on the latest technological developments.

● Tailored Solutions—
every business is different in terms of its requirements. Thus, Next2Call makes sure that everyone gets the option of customizability. Tailor our options as per your requirements for the best outcome.

● Feature-Rich Functionality—
the VoIP PBX system we provide our customers with comes with multiple features and functionalities that can make things more effective and efficient in your workplace.

● Scalability—
our plans grow or contract as per your business cycle. If you are experiencing a contraction in demand, reduce the scale of service. Or if it is a boom, Next2Call has already got you covered by offering scalable services.

● Reliability and Uptime—
VoIP PBX services at Next2Call are reliable. You can depend on our state-of-the-art communication solutions. They are really dependable with high uptime and robust infrastructure.

● Expert Support—
if you need at any time any sort of technical support related to our VoIP PBX solution, connect instantly as we provide 24/7 technical support.

● Cost-Effectiveness—
when you use our solution, it helps reduce costs by streamlining the existing process as it is built on the bedrock of the most advanced technology meant to leverage resources.

● Seamless Integration—
when it comes to solutions provided by us, you are bound to experience better integration experiences. The VoIP PBX service provided by us is easy to integrate.

● Affordability—
Next2Call believes in a reasonable pricing scheme. Thus, we offer pocket-friendly solutions. Transacting with us is never going to hurt you financially.

Make the smart choice for your organisation's communication needs. Join Next2Call and experience the difference with a VoIP PBX service that's specifically designed to empower your business. If you are interested, contact us directly at +91 9599406553 and discuss your requirements right away.