As part of its social responsibility, Next2Call conducts free online sessions on Linux, Open-Source Dialler, and Firewall for interested students and IT professionals.

Learners can be from any domain or background and have an interest in computer networking and call centre solutions.

    A basic understanding of Computer Systems, Networking, Linux Systems, and Call Centre Environments is what you must have in advance.

    Computers with the latest Operating System, and a valid and stable internet connection is a must. Besides, all required tools will be shared during the session at the right time.

    English and Hindi—both languages are allowed and thus will be used during sessions. You can use either of them, whichever you are comfortable with.

    No Fee is charged. This course is completely free of charge and no fee is to be paid.

    Training will be conducted only through online video-calling tools. Links to join these sessions will be sent to the registered students as and when required.

    Learners will be able to learn basics of Linux operating systems, install and configure open-source Call Centre dialer application and open-source firewall appliances. This may open up future job prospects for learners.

    It will majorly depend on the competence of the interested candidate along with a bunch of other things e.g., availability of vacancies.

    No, Next2Call doesn’t promise any of such things. No learners will be provided with any sort of assistance in job placements. It is just an initiative from the side of the company to give back to the community in whatever way it can.

    No, Next2Call will not issue any certificate either physical or virtual to any of the participant. This is completely voluntary initiative by the Next2Call team to impart technical skills to interested participants and fulfills its commitment to contribute back to community.

Please register yourself by completing the following form. Once registered, links to online sessions will be sent at the right time with the help of the submitted e-mails.


    Our Methadology
  • ● Trained professionals to manage your IT.
  • ● 24x7 monitoring and management.
  • ● Guaranteed response time.
  • ● Remote/Onsite Support.
  • ● Expert on call.
  • ● Automating routine tasks (thus lowering cost and errors).
  • ● After office hours support.
    Network Operation Centers
  • ● 50 Seats NOC/SOC.
  • ● 24x7 ITIL Operations.
  • ● Network Management System.
  • ● Certified Security Engineers.
  • ● Support Desk.
  • ● Physical/Biometric parameter Security.
  • ● Business Continuity Planning in place.
  • ● Disaster Recovery in place.
  • Other Services
    Infrastructure Base-lining.
  • ● Desktop Support.
  • ● Remote Server Management (wintel).
  • ● Remote Network Management.
  • ● Remote Security Management.
  • ● Onsite Support.
  • ● Remote Monitoring.
    Infrastructure Support
  • ● Server Support.
  • ● Database Support.
  • ● Infrastructure Application Support.
  • ● Network Support.
  • ● Platform Support.
  • ● Firewall Support.
  • ● Perimeter Security Support.
  • ● On-Site Support.
  • ● IT Consulting.
  • ● Transition Support.
  • ● System design and Architecture planning.