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Predictive Dialer

Next2Call offers Predictive Dialer that will enable you to manipulate algorithms analytically that support business objectives to make it easy for customer agents to engage with the large customer base in a small-time. It saves time and efficiency of the organization by reducing the waiting time while on calls.
“Calling-Agent Time is Valuable and We Make Sure It does not get Wasted”
Ensuring that the valuable time of your employees uses effectively and not wasted on an unresponsive contact, Next2Call dialer support helps call agents in establishing a connection to only those calls who get answered. Our solution tracks various call-metrics such as

  • ● Answered Calls
  • ● Dropped Calls
  • ● Active Agents on Call
  • ● Average Rate of Interaction

  • These factors are then analysed by our Predictive dialer to provide an accurate prediction of call-traffic and dials the right number of calls at the right time. This will enable the agents to get engage with another call as soon as they finish their previous call thereby reducing their waiting-time and enhancing their productivity

    “If you’re looking for a solution to reach to a larger audience in minimum time, Predictive Dialer is the Right Choice”

    How will Predictive Dialer Boost My Business?

    We Support
    • ●Server Support
    • ●Database Support
    • ●Infrastructure Application
    • ●Network Support
    • ●Platform Support
    • ●Firewall Support
    • ●Perimeter Security Support
    • ●On-Site Support
    • ●IT Consulting
    • ●Transition Support
    • ●System design
    • ●Architecture planning

  • ● Provide Customer Information to Agents prior engagement
  • ● Support Call back Feature to not miss any potential customer
  • ● Records and Monitor every Call Interaction
  • ● Customizable Screen Layouts as per needs of Business
  • ● Provide Administrative and Dialer Control
  • ● Able to Integrate with PBX switching
  • ● Facility to send Screen Data to an external web application.
  • ● Agent Connection via VoIP.
  • ● Agent Reporting.
  • ● Agent Screen Pop Ups (Caller Information & Scripts).
  • ● Answering Machine Detection(AMR).
  • ● Call Back Support.
  • ● Call Recording & Reporting.
  • ● Database Maintenance Support.
  • ● International & Domestic Call Center Support.
  • ● Inbound Call Center Support.
  • ● Interactive Voice Response Support (IVR).
  • ● International Call Center Support.
  • ● Manual Dialing Support.
  • ● Multiple Campaign Support.
  • ● Remote Agent Support.
  • ● Skills Based Routing Strategy.
  • ● Voip Gateway Support.

  • If you’re business looking for Predictive Dialer solution to meet your business Campaign needs, We’re here to assist you

  • ● Higher Reach: Reach to a larger customer base via call-in minimum time
  • ● Optimum Efficiency: Enable your agents to engage with a higher number of people and get you more sales and profits for the company
  • ● Relevant Statistics: Get information on various call metrics such as answered calls, average call timing, active agents, etc for better understanding of your potential customer

  • Next2Call
      Our Methadology
    • ● Trained professionals to manage your IT.
    • ● 24x7 monitoring and management.
    • ● Guaranteed response time.
    • ● Remote/Onsite Support.
    • ● Expert on call.
    • ● Automating routine tasks (thus lowering cost and errors).
    • ● After office hours support.
      Network Operation Centers
    • ● 50 Seats NOC/SOC.
    • ● 24x7 ITIL Operations.
    • ● Network Management System.
    • ● Certified Security Engineers.
    • ● Support Desk.
    • ● Physical/Biometric parameter Security.
    • ● Business Continuity Planning in place.
    • ● Disaster Recovery in place.
      Infrastructure Support
    • ● Server Support.
    • ● Database Support.
    • ● Infrastructure Application Support.
    • ● Network Support.
    • ● Platform Support.
    • ● Firewall Support.
    • ● Perimeter Security Support.
    • ● On-Site Support.
    • ● IT Consulting.
    • ● Transition Support.
    • ● System design and Architecture planning.
    • Other Services
      Infrastructure Base-lining.
    • ● Desktop Support.
    • ● Remote Server Management (wintel).
    • ● Remote Network Management.
    • ● Remote Security Management.
    • ● Onsite Support.
    • ● Remote Monitoring.

    Why Choose Us?
  • ● Dedicated Team: Our Technical team is ever-ready to assist you in choosing the best solution for your business needs
  • ● Quick Deployment: Simple and easy set-up in minutes
  • ● Round the clock assistance: We will provide your 24*7 assistance in resolving your concerned issues
  • ● Pay as you choose: Choose your Payment option convenient for your business - Monthly or Annually or long-term contact

  • A predictive dialer dials a record of Telephone number and connects responded dials to people making calls, frequently referred to as agents. Predictive dialers manipulate analytical algorithms to reduce the time that agents expend waiting between discussions, while reducing the eventuality of someone responding when no agent is accessible. Predictive dialing is a technology that was developed to terminate the issues that are representatively corresponded with predictive dialing. These issues covers abandoned calls, initial call delays, government regular, consumer disaffection, and host of other issues.
    At its core, predictive dialing technologies are based on the abstraction that call automation should co-ordinate with agents instead of call automation works before agents are fixed and then fixing agents to calls that have been determined to be 'live' people. In natural predictive dialing the call automation (sometimes called Call Progress Analysis (CPA)) can work before during or after an agent has integrated with a call.

    Our Functionality
  • ●Manage Leads and Campaigns intelligently
  • ●Agent Call Back Scheduling Facility.
  • ●Agent Statistics on the system
  • ●Application Programmers Interface (API).
  • ●Agent Break Control (ABR).
  • ●Call Blending Backs & Transfer.
  • ●Call & video Conferencing.
  • ●Facility to create a Call List.
  • ●Dialer Control via Administration Console.
  • ●Dedicated Sales Leads
  • ●Inbound & Outbound Automated Call Distributor (ACD).
  • ●Import & Maintenance Data.
  • ●PBX Switch Capabilities & Integration.
  • ●Screen Design Flexibility as per client requirement.

  • Primary Focus on - Customer Satisfaction

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