Do you run an outbound call centre or are often engaged in handling telemarketing operations? If yes, you have landed in the right place. Predictive Dialler is another name of software or system used to streamline the process of making and receiving calls. It is used mostly in outbound call centres. In simple terms, Predictive Dialler is a piece of software or equipment used in various businesses to automate and optimise the various processes involved in outbound calling.

It is the best solution for businesses, especially call centres where most operations involve handling outbound calls in huge numbers. There, such automation simplifies the task, boosting overall productivity. So, if you have such requirements, let us know. Next2Call has been working on such requirements of its customers since its inception. That means it has been providing reliable predictive diallers to its customers for many years now. Choose us over the others and we will streamline your workplace with our state-of-the-art Predictive Dialling System like never before.

● Answered Calls

● Dropped Calls

● Active Agents on Call

● Average Rate of Interaction

These factors are then analysed by our Predictive dialer to provide an accurate prediction of call-traffic and dials the right number of calls at the right time. This will enable the agents to get engage with another call as soon as they finish their previous call thereby reducing their waiting-time and enhancing their productivity

“If you’re looking for a solution to reach to a larger audience in minimum time, Predictive Dialer is the Right Choice”

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Features of Predictive Diallers

Predictive diallers are sophisticated telephony systems used in call centres and telemarketing operations to automate and optimise outbound calling processes. They come equipped with various features that enhance agent efficiency, call throughput, and overall operational effectiveness. Here are some key features of predictive diallers:

● Automated Dialling—predictive diallers automatically dial a list of phone numbers from a predefined database. They use algorithms to determine the optimal time to dial numbers based on factors such as agent availability, call history, and call success rates.


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  • ● Automating routine tasks (thus lowering cost and errors).
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    Infrastructure Support
  • ● Server Support.
  • ● Database Support.
  • ● Infrastructure Application Support.
  • ● Network Support.
  • ● Platform Support.
  • ● Firewall Support.
  • ● Perimeter Security Support.
  • ● On-Site Support.
  • ● IT Consulting.
  • ● Transition Support.
  • ● System design and Architecture planning.

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● Predictive Algorithms—advanced predictive diallers use predictive algorithms to forecast when agents will become available to take the next call. This minimises idle time for agents while ensuring a consistent flow of calls.

● Call Filtering—predictive diallers can filter out busy signals, unanswered calls, voicemails, and disconnected numbers. This ensures that only live calls are connected to agents.

● Dynamic Pacing—predictive diallers adjust the pacing ratio dynamically based on real-time data, maintaining a balance between the number of calls placed and the availability of agents. This helps prevent overloading agents, decreasing abandoned calls.

● Agent Availability Management—the dialler tracks agent availability and assigns calls to agents as soon as they become available. This minimises downtime between calls and maximises agent productivity.

● Call Monitoring—supervisors and managers can listen in on calls in real-time to monitor agent performance, provide coaching, and ensure quality.

● Call Recording—calls can be recorded for training purposes, dispute resolution, compliance with regulations, and improving customer interactions.

● CRM Integration—predictive diallers often integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, allowing agents to access customer information during calls, leading to more personalised interactions.

● Real-Time Reporting—predictive diallers provide real-time and historical reports on call metrics, agent performance, call outcomes, and more. This data is valuable for making informed decisions and optimising operations.

● Voicemail Drop—predictive diallers can leave pre-recorded voicemails on unanswered calls, allowing agents to move on to the next call more quickly and effectively.

● Callback Scheduling—agents can schedule callbacks for customers at convenient times, ensuring that potential leads are not lost due to workload.

● Campaign Management—predictive diallers support multiple campaigns simultaneously, each with its own set of parameters, details, and contact lists.

● Intelligent Call Routing—calls can be intelligently routed based on various criteria, such as language preference, skill level of agents, and customer history.

Why Choose Next2Call?

● Latest Technology—get the most advanced predictive dialler solutions from us built on cutting-edge technologies.

● Customisability—tailor your solutions from us as per your requirements and other factors. We offer customisable options.

● Feature-Rich Interface—predictive diallers at Next2Call come with multiple features that help leverage costly resources and increase productivity.

● Scalability—we provide solutions always ready to accommodate growing demands and expanding business operations in peak seasons.

● Reliability—Next2Call believes in innovation with a robust infrastructure. Thus, our solutions are reliable as well as effective. We ensure high uptime and little to no downtime.

● Affordability—spending more money than budgeted is a real pain in the chest. Thus, catering to people from all socio-economic backgrounds, we always strive to offer solutions at affordable prices.

● Easy Integration—our predictive dialling solutions are easy to integrate with the existing setup installed in your workplace. So, you don’t have to worry about the integration as well. Get a smooth integration experience with Next2Call.

● Compatibility—our diallers are compatible with other equipment as well. It is not always the case that you have to replace a system or two just to make a conducive environment for our predictive dialler to work.

● Expert Support—and finally, choose us as we work for the satisfaction of our customers. We provide 24/7 technical assistance to sort out all the worries, problems and issues of our beloved customers.

● Reliability—Next2Call believes in innovation with a robust infrastructure. Thus, our solutions are reliable as well as effective. We ensure high uptime and little to no downtime.

Primary Focus—Customer Satisfaction

Next2Call primarily focuses on its customers’ total satisfaction. Our experts are always available to help. At Next2Call, we provide 24/7 technical support. Expert Consultation is something that you need at a bad time when you are stuck and don’t know how to proceed next. During such times, just connect with us, using either our live chat support or helpline. We care and thus understand the value of your time. So, always choose Next2Call for all sorts of call centre solutions, problems or requirements.

Discuss Problems and Get the Best Solutions

At Next2Call, we have top experts in our customer support facility who are available 24/7 to provide assistance for all your pressing issues. Get the assistance you need; either call us at +91 9599406553 or get in touch through Live Chat. Contact Us