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benefits of ivr solutions

IVR Solutions Improve Outbound Call Campaign Efficiency

Interactive Voice Response is a technology that helps call businesses automate the task of dealing with connected customers and then routing them to the right agent; it is the prominent function of an IVR facility. However, there are other aspects as well. This technology aims to increase the efficiency of call campaigns. IVR solutions benefit […]

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cloud telephony

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Cloud Telephony Services

Well, indeed, it is a fact that the implementation of cloud telephony can boost overall productivity. There is no doubt about that. However, you cannot just think about it at one moment and have it set up at another. Its implementation must be well thought out rather than a random decision. Thus, to provide help […]

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finding the best voip pbx service provider

Guide to Finding the Right Cloud Telephony Service Provider

VoIP is a growing trend across all types of lead generation and call centre operations. In other words, people in the business of making, receiving and managing calls on a regular basis are more and more opting for VoIP PBX solutions. It is so because this technology is cost-effective. However, suppose you are considering this […]

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cloud telephony boosts productivity

Cloud Telephony Boosts Overall Productivity

Telephony services on the cloud are dominantly used in the field of contact or call centres. PBX set-up is an on-premises hardware-driven approach; it is not cost-effective. Therefore, these days, almost every call business has shifted to cloud services to cater to their voice communication needs.  Voice communications services accessible over the internet have many […]

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cloud telephony helps save money

10 Ways Cloud Telephony Helps Save Money 

Is it the first time you have heard of IP PBX or Cloud Telephony? If yes, don’t worry. Basically, it is a form of UCaaS, Unified Communications as a Service. In simple words, it refers to voice communication services from a third-party host rather than establishing the required hardware or infrastructure on the premises.   Do […]

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Demystifying Cloud Telephony What It Is and How It Works

Demystifying Cloud Telephony: What It Is and How It Works

If you are new to the term or expression, i.e., Cloud Telephony, don’t worry. This blog is for you. Find everything you need to know about this service below. IN SHORT, a cloud-telephony solution enables one to use the existing internet connection to make or receive calls via devices e.g., laptop, phone, etc. It becomes […]

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5 benefits of cloud telephony

 5 Prominent Benefits of Cloud Telephony

This blog explores the importance and usefulness of the technology of cloud telephony from 5 different points of view. Thus, get ready as we discuss some of the prominent advantages over old and conventional ways of telephony. But before that, let’s first discuss the concept a bit; it might help many readers to get the […]

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A dialer is a programme that automatically contacts and dials a number or a list of numbers, transferring each call to a call centre representative. Its job is to make outgoing calls automatically. A dialer is a kind of call centre software that automates calling customer numbers and makes it simple to record the results […]

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A conference call is a telephone call in which someone talks to several people at the same time. It is a powerful way of communication. It’s a way to communicate with many people at once without all being in the same place.t helps make a conversation with many people at the same time. Usually offices […]

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Auto dialer software is a computer program that automatically dials telephone numbers. It is usually used in telemarketing campaigns. Auto dialer software is also used in call centres to automatically dial numbers and connect the call to an available agent. Auto dialer software is also used in emergency notification systems to dial numbers automatically and […]

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